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Social Justice Committee

The Social Justice Committee is the school's ‘social conscience' promoting the issues of social justice, human rights and discrimination. SJC members strive to make an active commitment across a range of issues, raising awareness among the student body about important issues, both local and global. The SJC then builds on this heightened awareness to change attitudes and behaviour, to ‘make a difference' both in the school and the wider community.

The Social Justice Committee actively promotes animal welfare, rights and wellbeing of the homeless, cancer and AIDS awareness, environmental issues and mental health issues. The committee has important links with Legacy, The Salvation Army and World Vision.

Members are elected from each of Years 7-12 with executive leaders including President, Senior Vice President (Years 10-12). Meetings are held every week where students discuss issues and coordinate activities. When students in Social Justice Committee progress to Year 12 they are eligible to apply for the status of Prefect.

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