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Sports Council

The Sports Council consists of young, motivated, sport-involved students who worked hard in 2012 to provide the students of Killara with as many sporting opportunities as possible. Successful sporting events and activities organised and held by the council include projects such as the World's Biggest Beep Test. Their goal of exceeding the Guinness World Record held on the 11/11/11, where 327 proud Killara High Students ran in unison to the multi-stage fitness test was a disappointment because they missed out on the record by a small margin; however, the amount of spirit shown throughout the attempt was inspirational. The Sports Council has high hopes for their attempt at breaking the record again soon. Other activities such as the volleyball and bumpo dompo competitions were organised during lunchtimes for the enjoyment of Killara Students.

Throughout the year the whole school was kept up to date about Sports Council and other school sporting events through regular reports at year meetings and stage assemblies. This year, one the biggest achievement was to get the school its mascot, the Killara Lion to represent Killara Pride. Throughout carnivals, the mascot could be seen with its distinctive look.

The Sports Council has set goals for 2013, including improving the use of the sports noticeboard, better promotion of the Council and development of the capabilities of Sports Council members from younger years. The Sports Council provides a leadership opportunity for students interested in promoting an active and healthy lifestyle within the school and the wider community.

Sports: Tomer Cohen and Eliza-Janes Ellis