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HSC minimum standard

What is the HSC minimum standard?

The Higher School Certificate (HSC) standards are set by the New South Wales Education Standards Authority (NESA).

As explained on the NESA HSC Minimum Standard website, students need skills in reading, writing and numeracy for everyday life after school.

To show that they meet the HSC minimum standard, students need to achieve Level 3 in short online reading, writing and numeracy tests.

Students do not need to meet the HSC minimum standard to study HSC courses, sit HSC exams, receive HSC assessment and exam results, receive an ATAR or receive a Record of School Achievement.

Support for students at Killara High School includes:

  • Targeted workshops in reading, writing and numeracy to support the specific needs to students at Killara High School.  These workshops are led by literacy and numeracy specialists who provide students with one-on-one scaffolded support.
  • Bespoke resources available through the Killara High School website.  These scaffolded sample questions in reading, writing and numeracy seek to equip students with the skills required to achieve the HSC minimum standard.  Click on each individual tab to access these resources.
  • NESA online practice tests available during school hours to support students and lower anxiety around the testing, hence improving performance.
  • Teachers of students who did not the meet HSC minimum standard will be emailed. The email will encourage teachers to provide additional support for your child in the areas of requirement.
  • Killara High School offers a peer tutoring program for students in the library. Students can speak to a librarian to confirm which days and times they can attend.

For advice about students meeting the minimum standard, please download this document.