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Stage 6



Photography, Video and Digital Imaging offers students the opportunity to explore contemporary artistic practices that make use of photography, video and digital imaging. Central to this is the development of creative action, reflection and the exercise of judgement. 

The Stage 6 Elective Course is designed to enable students to gain an increasing accomplishment and independence in their representation of ideas in the fields of photography and/or video and/or digital imaging and to understand and value how these fields of practice invite different interpretations and explanations. (BOS, 2003)


Year 11

In a highly practical and compentency-based course, the Year 11 Photography, Video and Digital Imaging Course offers students the foundational skills and knowledge in digital media and photography 

Students learn to operate a DSLR camera and effectively experiment with manual settings through explorations of motion and movement and light. Students learn the technical skills and undertake frequent hands-on experiments putting their knowledge into direct practice.

Students learn about classic black and white photography up to contemporary artists through case studies as well as photographic composition, Photoshop skills, video (development, production and editing in Premier Pro) and the course finishes with Black & White analogue photography with darkroom excursion.

The course is highly interactive, engaging and experimental accommodating all levels of skill and understanding. Students work in groups and as individuals and as a result students gain confidence and sophisticated photographic and digital media skills and knowledge with a camera.


    DOF still life  



Year 12

The Year 12 Photography, Video and Digital Imaging Course builds upon the skills and knowledge gained in the Year 11 course and develops student autonomy with more sophisticated explorations, such as light, colour, movement, night shooting and long exposures.

A more conceptual course, students each develop a major project in their chosen field of photography, video and/or digital media. Students are expected to explore areas of interest and develop a series of works that come together as a whole project. As such, students learn to become more independent and reflective of the processes undertaken and their approach to photography, video and/or digital imaging.


Samples of Year 12 Photography students' experiments with light, movement and long exposures.

  long exposure1 longexposure2

longexposure3 longexposure4  







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