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The canteen supplies a service to the school providing food and drinks at affordable prices. Volunteers operate it every day of the school week and a strong parental involvement is required to raise funds for the school. Profits made by the canteen are returned to the school by the P&C in the form of equipment and other items such as texts and library books needed by the school. A Canteen Committee generally meets once a month to discuss and review menu, prices and profits. The Canteen Manager draws up a roster each year with a list of names of parents/caregivers and the day/s they are able to work in the canteen. Volunteers are usually only required one day per month.

Students are asked to exercise patience and show courtesy to the parents serving them, to refrain from making purchases for friends and to stand back in line while waiting to be served.

Students must move out of the canteen as soon as they have completed their purchases. No games are to be played in the canteen during recess or lunch breaks.

Contact Details:
Canteen Manager
Phone: (02) 9498 3722 ext 404

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