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Year 8


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Visual Arts in Year 8 explores four main programs providing students with a structured continuation of art history and theory whilst building upon the foundational skills and processes learnt in the Year 7 course. 

Students begin to explore the world of artists and how they work, why they produce their work, the importance of the audience, as well as developing autonomy in selecting different materials and techniques to make artworks.


The Year 8 programs include:

'The Figure'


'Extraordinary Worlds'






Year 8 students will experience a mixture of 2D, 3D & 4D learning experiences through the mandatory practical fields of: drawing, ceramics (slab) and printmaking (collograph or etching).


Additional skills and learning processes in the Year 8 program may include: painting, digital media, t-shirt screen-printing, jewellery and/or non-ceramic based sculpture.


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