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Arts Council

Extract from the 2012 KHS Annual Report

The Arts Council
is a student body consisting of four representatives from each year. The council promotes participation in music, drama, visual arts, and dance while raising funds for continued improvement of resources in these respective faculties. Not only do they work as a cooperative group, but they strive to include other representative groups, communicating about a wide range of activities. During 2011 to 2012, the Arts Council had a very successful year, organising, assisting and participating in the running of the following events:

  • The end of year talent quest in 2011 was held on the last day of school. This was titled So You Think You Can Do Stuff, and involved engaging performances by students across all Years. Some items included the drama ensemble, a classical music performance, and a Harry Potter skit by the prefects. This event will be repeated annually as it generated wide support from the students and teachers.
  • The MADD Festival, a Music, Drama and Dance performance with the theme of Magic and Mystery was successfully undertaken by all performers. Students from Lindfield Public School attended the matinee performance.
  • Elective music night required emcees, backstage helpers and stage managers, which were sourced from members of the Arts Council.
  • Just Dance was a competition during the last week of Term 2. The Arts Council organised a mufti day, cupcake stall and guest judges to increase student involvement in the event. The lunch time final was a great success with crowds of people watching on and a second competition is planned for 2013. The money raised from this will go towards sound proofing the conference room and studios in C Block.

Arts Council members will be integral to the 2013 school musical production.

Arts:  Emily Layson and Emma Norrington