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School Captains' Message

2024 School Captains Claire and Leo

Killara High School is a proud community where all kinds of people come to meet with each other, experience a large range of study options, countless extra-curricular opportunities, and a huge team of supportive staff. 

We feel incredibly lucky to be learning and socialising in an environment as compassionate, nurturing, and friendly as Killara. We’re home to over 130 amazing staff, including our wellbeing team of Year Advisors, Head Teachers, school psychologists, our Student Support Officer and our wellbeing dog, Ava. 

Something so important to us at Killara is our celebration of multiculturalism and diversity. Our school is a family we are proud to describe as an inclusive and accepting environment. What’s amazing is how everyone can symbiotically relate with each other despite our differences. In all, it’s being part of a team greater than our selves.

Another aspect of Killara that we are particularly proud of is the wide range of extra-curricular opportunities offered. Over 30 activities run weekly such as Performing Arts Ensembles, sport teams, Chess, Student Leadership Councils and more. This extending learning goes far beyond the classroom enriching the entire adolescent experience for our Killara family. 

The Killara High culture has the potential for any student in the school to adapt their own learning experience to better suit their individual needs. Features such as our Bring-Your-Own-Device system, optional lockers, student designed school diaries and more allows us to make our learning experience our own. Our student run leadership bodies led by 130 leaders empower anyone to be able to raise their own issues and recommendations. These include our student run Fun-Fridays, council meetings, history club, all allowing us to truly Unleash Potential, Change the World!

As the 2024 captains, we are incredibly excited to welcome in the new class of 2029, and can’t wait for a year of amazing achievements, new and exciting initiatives, and seeing our peers shine their brightest, shaping what defines our Killara High School family just like how we’ve done since 2019.

Claire Polczynski and Leo Wang
2024 School Captains