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Principal's Message

Robin Chand

Welcome to our great school.

When you enrol at Killara High School, you join a team of learners and teachers on an empowering and transformative collective educational journey of excellence through Years 7-12.

As published in media, Killara High was the state’s best-performing comprehensive public school in the 2022 HSC. Our culture of care, teamwork and inclusivity is built upon the foundations of encouraging students to achieve their personal best in collaboration with teachers. We offer a very broad and enriching curriculum that caters for a wide range of student interests.  We celebrate the fact that every student is unique, and each student has their individual learning needs.

Killara High School is regarded as an outstanding school for many reasons. We are one of the best performing schools in the state with strong NAPLAN and HSC scores. We offer comprehensive wellbeing support to all students within a wellbeing framework that is supported by an excellent curriculum and expert staff. I would regard Killara High School as the best school nationally and internationally. We support all students, and we celebrate our diversity, indeed, our strength is in our diversity. 

Our Student Growth and Attainment Teachers are unique to Killara High School. These teachers support students across the school and make a significant positive impact that is empowering. These teachers work closely with students on their unique learning needs. All teachers differentiate the curriculum to support high potential and gifted students. 

In the 2022 HSC we achieved fourteen All Rounders. These are students who have achieved 90 or above in 10 or more units. We had 9 Top Achievers. These are students who placed in the first 10 places unless it is a large candidature course when the top 20 students are informed of their place. Our Top Achievers ranged across several HSC courses, including Personal Development Health and Physical Education, Music Extension, English Standard, English EAL/D, German Beginners, Japanese Beginners, English Advanced and Physics.

In 2022 we also had 347 course entries on the Distinguished Achievers list. Distinguished Achievers are students who obtained a 90 or higher mark or equivalent in a course. These top bands were spread over every teaching department of the school. Killara High School offered a wide range of HSC courses in 2022, 43 in total. In 2022, two students received a perfect ATAR of 99.95.

Students can participate in many extracurricular activities that we offer. Our performing arts ensembles are highly regarded and provide an opportunity for students to develop and express their creative talents. We also offer a university preparation program called Killara Academy for students in Years 7-9.

Quality teaching takes place in every classroom at Killara High School. Our teachers acknowledge and embrace the fact that they make the difference, and they have a tremendous positive impact on student learning. Research clearly indicates that the greatest in-school factor contributing to improved student outcomes is the quality of teaching. Explicit teaching is the pedagogical framework used by our teachers, and we have dedicated, caring and expert teachers who are prepared to support all students.

The teachers and students at Killara High School welcome you to a world of opportunity, excitement and fulfillment. Our teachers, with their subject expertise, passion for education and care for students, make a positive impact on the learning experiences of our students daily. Our students are encouraged to learn with a growth mindset of continual improvement.

Killara High School will equip students with an educational foundation to help them make a significant impact in our society, and to collectively shape the world.

As a learner at Killara High School, you will journey through an educational experience that is of the highest calibre, and you will learn alongside caring teachers who aim to unleash your full potential across all domains of learning.

Our school strives towards excellence with a growth mindset. We aim to be the best school for every student, and we will endeavour to do this through excellence in teaching, high-impact student wellbeing programs, and a constant focus on striving to ensure that all students experience growth and attainment across all curriculum areas.

Through amazing lessons developed and delivered by expert teachers, we provide our students with deep learning experiences, that are transformative and confidence-boosting. Our teachers are passionate about their areas of expertise, and they all hold high expectations for every student.

We are a team here at Killara High School, and our team upholds the value that our students are known, valued and cared for.

In life we never stop learning and Killara High School will provide our students with a strong foundation for learning that will continue well beyond Year 12.

Killara High School is a large, ambitious, and innovative school with a strong heritage of academic, sporting and leadership excellence, that is built upon strong wellbeing systems that support all students.

We look forward to you joining our team on this educational journey.

I encourage all students to always strive for your personal best, maintain a growth mindset and keep pushing yourself to greater heights.

Continue learning, to change the world.

Welcome to Killara High School.