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Assessment Policy

Assessment is the process of identifying, gathering and interpreting information about students' learning. The central purpose of assessment is to provide information on student achievement and progress and set the direction for ongoing teaching and learning.

Reporting is the process of communicating information about student achievement and progress gained from the assessment process. The purpose of reporting is to support teaching and learning by providing feedback to students and parents.

Student achievement can be reported by comparing:

  • the student’s work against a standards framework of syllabus outcomes
  • the student’s prior and current learning achievements
  • the student’s achievements with those of other students.

Reporting can involve a combination of these methods. Teachers at Killara High School, using an outcomes approach to teaching and learning, have embraced a wide range of assessment and reporting practices. The highly competitive and changing world that confronts young people has increased the demand for schools to develop competent citizens, capable of flexible thinking and independent learning.

To meet these demands schools must have an ongoing commitment to an appropriate and relevant curriculum, with quality teaching and learning informed by good practice in assessment and reporting. Students must be given continual support as they strive to reach their highest possible standards of achievement.

Students at Killara High School are being assessed on what they understand, know and can do. Assessment for learning is a key principle that guides teaching and learning at Killara High School. Students reflect on their learning in a manner that informs their future studies. Formative assessment is used to measure levels of understanding and equip students and teachers with data to inform the future direction of learning activities. 

KHS Assessment Policy (Revised October 2018): Assessment Policy Booklet Oct2018

Download, print and complete the Illness/Misadventure Application on the same day as the missed task: Take this to the relevant professional authority to complete all relevant sections of the application on the same day of your missed assessment task.

The application consists of four pages including the flowchart explaining what to do if absent from an assessment. Illness Misadventure Form Oct2018

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