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Year 9

Visual Arts Elective Course in Year 9 is designed to engage and support students to delve into the art world from Prehistoric up to the beginning of Modernism and investigate and challenge what they understand of the world as a source of ideas, concepts and subject matter for artists.

Students actively utilise their laptops to explore and learn digital media components of the course as well as electronically collecting, storing and maintaining their visual art process diary and art history and theory notes.

In the elective course, students develop autonomy, self-regulation and independence in selecting and applying conventions of Visual Arts in their work.

The Year 9 programs include:

  • 'Function & Form' (ceramics)
  • 'Time & Place' (mixed media)
  • 'Exploration of Self'
  • 'Creepy Crawly Flying Creatures' (sculpture).

Through these varied and challenging programs students will experience a mixture of 2D, 3D & 4D in a more practical and competency/technique-based course. Students' learning experiences build upon their foundational learning in the Stage 4 Visual Arts course and students begin to acknowledge that art can be interpreted from different points of view. 

Some of the practical fields explored are: drawing, ceramics, mixed media (painted surfaces, textures,  photography), video and printmaking.

Visual Arts student work

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