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The Prefect body is elected by both the Year 11 students and staff members to carry responsibility for leading and representing the school at school events and in the wider community with pride. From this group of 24 prefects, two senior prefects were elected and Year 11 students from all leadership groups were able to nominate for School Captains. School Captains were elected by both staff and Year 11 prefects following a rigorous interview process and speech to both staff and Year 11 Prefects. The twenty-four prefects have maintained the high standard expected at Killara High and have led the way in donating blood through regular Blood Drives, winning the group donation award, celebrating Dolphin Day and organising mufti days and barbeques to support the Humpty Dumpty Foundation with the Prefects entering a team in theĀ  Balmoral Burn. The prefects were involved in the training of Year 10 students to extend their leadership abilities and apply themselves to positions in the Peer Support program to guide Year 7 students in the development of friendships and resilience. This support was extended to Year 7 by prefects attached to each Year 7 Home Group in Term 1. The highlight of their support for Year 7 was their superb organisation of Year 7 Camp Disco.

All prefects participated in a 2 day Toast Masters course at the beginning of Term 2, developing their capacity for presenting engaging public speaking and were complimented on their outstanding speeches. They chaired multiple assemblies including the 2012 Remembrance Day Ceremony and attended the ANZAC Day dawn service. Lindfield East Public School also invited a variety of prefects to attend their end of year assemblies and talk to students about the importance of striving for excellence. The prefects also regularly attended Parents and Citizens grounds working bees and led their peers in social responsibility in cleaning up the Year 12 area regularly and in the bushland area surrounding the East Killara Shops to celebrate their end of school life. Throughout all of these activities the prefects continued to support and encourage each other whilst supporting the school in the wider community.

Liz Allcott

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