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Killara High School in the 2010s:


In 2010 the KHS SRC held a barbecue in recognition of KHS’s 40th anniversary on this site. In May, an event was held where students created a human ’40’. A more formal event was where selected members of staff and students were invited to witness the burial of the time capsule. This time capsule held memories of the last 40 years, e.g. uniforms, newsletters and pictures of the school spirit.

In 2010, the P&C was able to encourage the Department of Education to acquire the disused land across the road from KHS to provide additional recreation space.

In 2010, as part of ‘The High School Challenge’, local primary schools sent year 3 gifted and talented (GATS) students from the four areas of Art, Science, Technology and History to KHS for a day of activities. Each student was mentored by a year 9 or 10 KHS student.

In 2010, KHS students participated in three maths competitions:

  1. the Mathematics Challenge in years 7-10
  2. the Australian Mathematics Competition for students 7-12
  3. the ICAS assessment for all students in years 7-9

In 2010, four year 12 KHS debating students participated in the Premier’s Debating Challenge, making it to the regional finals, after a series of impressive zone and knock out round debates.

In 2010, KHS promoted a student leadership program with some of the local primary schools, through a series of video conferences.

In 2010, four year 12 KHS debating students participated in the Premier’s Debating Challenge, making it to the regional finals, after a series of impressive zone and knock out round debates.

In 2010, as part of the ‘High School Challenge’, local primary schools sent year 3 gifted and talented (GATS) students from the four areas of Art, Science, Technology and History to KHS for a day of activities. Each student was mentored by a year 9 or 10 KHS student.

In 2010, a local primary school asked KHS for assistance with their debating students. Year 11 KHS students led sessions for the year 5 and 6 students, while year 7 KHS students put on an exhibition debate for these students as well as for students at Lindfield East Primary School.

In 2010, two year 9 KHS male students participated in a Youth Book Forum. This is an annual event, where students from four schools form a panel of eight, to discuss the fiction titles nominated on The Children’s Book Council of the Year Shortlist for Older Readers.

In 2010, four year 12 KHS debating students participated in the Premier’s Debating Challenge, making it to the regional finals, after a series of impressive zone and knock out round debates.

In 2010, year 9 KHS English classes wrote poems about objects that were important to them. Afterwards, they put their poems in a creative place. Not only did the students write poems, they performed them also. The class participated in workshops provided by a professional poet, who guided them through the poetry writing process. The poems themselves used unusual symbolism and techniques. Some performance enhancing tools included ‘PowerPoints’, videos, props and even costumes. As part of the unit, the students were required to store the poem in a special place. After many discussions with the class it was decided on the idea of a wardrobe. This storage was meant to represent how our objects are placed in our own little cabinets.

In 2010, some year 10 KHS students competed in two Public Speaking Competitions:

  1. The ‘Sydney Morning Herald’ Competition – topics were issues relevant to Australia, e.g. asylum seekers, the BHP oil spill, and the global financial crisis
  2. The UN Youth Association Competition – topics were about global issues and how to fix them

In 2010, year 10 history students went to Canberra for an Australian History Site Study. The day trip involved the following activities:

  • test-running a new interactive display on parliamentary democracy at Old Parliament House, and delving into a historical recreation of a parliamentary debate on the blocking of the Tasmanian dam in 1983
  • a tour of both chambers and various halls, gaining valuable understanding of symbols and processes of democracy at the New Parliament House
  • visited the various dioramas and displays at the Australian War Memorial depicting Australians in conflict – from wars through to peacekeeping

Some students at the conclusion of their tour paid their respects at the Roll of Honour, placing poppies beside names of the fallen in commemoration of those who did not return to Australia.

In 2010, a guest speaker visited KHS to address sixty-eight year 12 KHS students of Ancient History, sharing experiences of excavating with the Anglo-American Project in Pompeii and Herculaneum. She had just returned following six months working at Pompeii where she experienced first-hand the difficulties associated with attempts to save the site from natural elements, tourists and lack of funds. In three lectures she covered the architecture of private buildings, using examples of houses she has personally excavated, the study of red slip pottery and latest issues of conservation.

In 2010, the HSIE organised activities and events were organised:

  • year 9 KHS HSIE students experienced first-hand what it would be like to run their own small business at the annual Market Stall day, selling ‘sushi munchers’ and ‘candy crunchers’.
  • year 10 KHS Geography classes went to Cronulla on an expedition to see the wisdom of the local tribes and learn their ways of coastal management.
  • two year 10 KHS classes went to the Manly Sewerage Treatment Plant and the Kimbriki Waste Centre at Terry Hills, to look at the various stages of treatment and the fact that bioenergy is used to run them. More management of waste was on show at Kimbriki where an eco-garden used recycled materials.
  • year 8 KHS students went to Bicentennial Park at the Sydney Olympic Park to complete a case study on wetlands and mangroves.

In 2010, year 11 KHS Food Technology created their own recipe with a few core ingredients. Inspired by MasterChef, points were awarded for creativity.

In 2010, year 9 KHS Engineering students were required to design and build frames for the walls, floor and roof of a house design supplied to them. The project included the students assembling the house, therefore becoming an individual as well as a group project.

In 2010, Year 10 KHS NSW School Certificate students achieved results that were considerably above the State average in all courses. There also was a significant shift of students into the top band in the English literacy examination in 2010 in comparison to previous years. KHS dominated the top two bands with a significantly higher percentage of students achieving either band 5 or 6 when compared with State-wide achievement levels. KHS was also heavily represented in the top bands for Mathematics, Science and Computing Studies. In Australian History, Civics and Citizenship, KHS students achieved results in Bands 5 and 6 which exceeded the State results by 20%. 96% of students achieved either highly competent or competent in the Computing Skills course. At least 50% of KHS students achieved results in the top two bands.

In 2010, a year 12 KHS male student was awarded a Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship to study at ‘Bond University’ on the Gold Coast. The prestigious award was given to only eight students Australia-wide each year. The rigorous application process was based on a combination of academic performance, leadership skills, co-curricular activities and a demonstrated commitment to community service. The KHS student was the 2nd person in the university’s history to undertake a double degree in Law and Forensic Science, combining his passion for research and argument.


In 2011, the P&C Association ensured that every classroom had interactive white boards. Almost all of the classrooms were rejuvenated in the Christmas holidays to make them a better learning environment.

In 2011, twenty-four KHS students from year 10 Science went to Macquarie University and participated in the Annual Science and Engineering Challenge. In groups of three, students competed against eight other schools in various problem-solving challenges with a science and engineering focus. Some of the challenges included:

  • building and testing a model glider out of Styrofoam,
  • a radar dish to collect and decode signals
  • designing an eco-friendly house

In 2011, the KHS debating teams from years 7, 10 and 12 all won their zone finals.

In 2011, the year 8 KHS Gifted and Talented (GATS) class enjoyed a virtual excursion to the University of New South Wales Museum of Human Disease. The students learnt about respiratory diseases.

In 2011, six KHS students made it to the State Semi Finals of the NSW Law Society Mock Trial Competition. This team of students had been in the knockout competition since March 2011. The team were coached by a prominent retired Judge, who provided countless hours to assist the team, sharing his experience in legal procedure, court room etiquette and the finer points of legal reasoning.

In 2011, one hundred and thirty-seven KHS Legal Studies students from across Australia met in Canberra to decided on one question – Should Australia become a Republic? Some KHS students attended this National Schools’ Constitutional Convention, and participated in the following activities/events:

  • a meeting with the Governor-General 
  • dined at the High Court of Australia
  • spoke with the President of the Senate
  • attended question time
  • addressed by the Minister for Education

During the convention other topics were also discussed in various forums. These included:

  • the current political climate
  • the carbon tax
  • asylum seekers
  • the position of the Labor Party
  • the NSW election

After much deliberation and discussion over three days, with the Australian Electoral Commission holding the final referendum, there was a yes vote from four states and a national total of seventy-seven to fifty votes.

In 2011, all year 7 KHS students travelled to ‘Ermington Putt-Putt‘ for a Fun Day, where students improved their current friendships and created new ones. The cohort was separated into four different colour groups: blue, red, green and yellow, separating in groups of eight to compete against each other in the three courses – the waterway, the jungle trail and the fun run.


In 2012, the P&C Association were pleased to announce that through the continued lobbying of the KHS parent community, the State Government set funds aside in the 2012 budget for a new building [G Block] at KHS. The P&C also put a business plan together to add further funding where appropriate to deliver the best possible result for students.

In 2012, the P&C was also successful in obtaining the land across the road from the school made available as a further recreational area for the students.

In 2012, the English faculty provided a range of activities and events for their classes. These included:

  • reading circles
  • Action Research projects
  • study groups
  • ‘Moodle’ classes
  • scaffolding and mind mapping
  • ‘Scrabble’ games
  • a philosophy club- facilitated by year 11 Extension English students

In 2012, year 9 and 10 KHS history students were treated to a performance by a visiting speaker on World War I and the Vietnam War, incorporating the songs, poems, letters, anecdotes, reportage and reminiscences of those involved.

In 2012, some of the units of work/activities/events organised for KHS students by the HSIE Green faculty were:

  • Luna Park and mock elections in Commerce
  • ‘Sea of Hands’ in Aboriginal Studies
  • food festival in International Studies
  • ecosystems in Senior Geography
  • communities in year 9 Geography
  • Warragamba Dam in year 8 Geography
  • Rhodes Urban Development in year 10 Geography

In 2012, thirty-four KHS students from years 7 and 8 attempted the senior division of the Mathematical Olympiad. Students completed a series of five tests, one each month for five months. Four KHS students were top 10% achievers, and eight KHS students were top 25% achievers. The KHS team score was in the top 30% (70th percentile).

In 2012, KHS Senior science excursions included visits to Macquarie University and the University of Sydney where students had the experience of working in university laboratories.

In 2012, KHS Biology and Earth & Environmental Science classes studied Ecology at the Field of Mars Centre, visited the Australian Museum and the Royal Botanic Gardens. The KHS HSC Science classes visited the Museum of Human Disease at the University of NSW.

In 2012, the Gifted and Talented Program (GATS) which involved twenty-one year 8 KHS students, engaged in the following activities:

  • Introduction to the study of the politics of war, through a connected classroom experience with a university lecturer from Sydney University, who taught political, intellectual, cultural and diplomatic history. Students were encouraged to ask questions about the future directions of Australia’s foreign policy.
  • A live virtual excursion via video conferencing to NASA, Houston. This activity complemented the study of the links between osteoporosis and space flight
  • As part of an assessment task, students created a website with activity sheets, which were sent to local primary schools for completion.
  • Created a class blog and used technology-based presentation tools with an emphasis on creativity

In 2012, a KHS year 12 Hospitality student won the Blue Mountains Hospitality Scholarship worth $1500.


In 2013, year 7 KHS History students attended an excursion to the ‘IMAX Theatre’ to reinforce their understanding of Ancient History. The students also attended a session at The Big Dig in The Rocks, discovering more about the work of archaeologists.

In 2013, the KHS junior and senior debating teams were successful in winning the zone competitions at each stage of the Premier’s Debating Challenge.

In 2013, the KHS History course Events that Changed the World has seen KHS students engaged in the study of historical mysteries, revolution, film in history and underwater archaeology. Students in this course in year 10 designed their own assessment task and made their own creations, including an Industrial Revolution Monopoly set and a newspaper on the Arab Spring.

In 2013, the HSIE Green faculty took over one thousand KHS students, from year 7 through to the HSC out to explore their natural of human environments. The themes of each unit and the excursion destinations were:

  • Year 7:  World heritage: The Blue Mountains
  • Year 8:  Access to freshwater: Warragamba Dam
  • Year 9:  Changing Australian Communities: Central Coast
  • Year 10: Urban decline and renewal:  Rhodes precinct and Sydney Harbour
  • Year 11: Cultures: Religions & International Development: Vietnam and Cambodia
  • HSC Aboriginal Studies: Community Comparison Study: Menindee, NSW

In 2013, KHS students participated in a variety of Mathematics competitions, with four prizes (the top 0.3% if the state) in the Australian Mathematics Competition. Some of the results were:

  • the Mathematics Challenge 2013: five High Distinctions – two in year 10, two in year 8 and one in year 7. Four Distinctions – three in year 10 and one in year 9
  • the Australian Mathematics Competition 2013: four Prizes (the top 0.3%) in the State – one in year 12, two in year 9 and one in year 8. Nine High Distinctions – one in year 12, two in year 11, one in year 10, two in year 9, one in year 8 and two in year 7.

In 2013, a year 11 KHS student who studied in an accelerated Mathematics program including Extension 2 Mathematics, was successful in gaining a position at the National Mathematics Summer School in January 2014 at Australian National University. This Summer School aimed at fostering exceptional mathematical talent and focused on the in-depth study of three to four different areas.

In 2013, four KHS TAS students were considered for the ‘InTech’ 2013. Their major projects were on display at the Sydney Showground Exhibition Centre.

In 2013, the Gifted and Talented (GATS) program was into its third year at KHS, with twenty-seven students being selected. KHS students explored several topics throughout the year, including:

  • a study of the virtual world and its impacts
  • an experiment and classwork concerning the human memory and cognitive psychology
  • a study of the perceived benefits of biofuel, specifically ethanol (this topic was embedded into the mathematics component of the program)
  • the study of the potential of cars being powered by water (this topics was embedded into the science component of the program), examining the scientific foundations of this claim and use scientific principles to critique different claims
  • the study of osteoporosis amongst astronauts, complemented by a virtual excursion with the NASA Space Centre in Houston

In 2013, with the cooperation of two tertiary institutions, trainee secondary school teachers participated as volunteer tutors for KHS students as they prepared for the HSC.


In 2014, Computer Studies faculty supported the two clubs for students held at lunchtimes. They were the Programming club and the Robotics club.

  • the Programming Club: one of the projects that came from the club members was a project to build a ‘render farm’ to reduce the time taken to process animations created by multimedia students
  • the Robotics Club: two year 8 KHS students were mentors for year 7 KHS students, as they developed their robot programs for the Robocop Competition

In 2014, six KHS students – two in year 11, two in year 10 and two in year 8, were awarded a Credit in the 2014 UNSW ‘ProgComp Competition’, which was run by the School of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of NSW.

In 2014, a guest speaker from UNSW visited KHS to speak to Computer Studies students about career and study opportunities open for students interested in ICT at the University of NSW.

In 2014, seven Industrial Technology KHS students had their work chosen for the IndTech display – where projects are chosen to tour the country as ‘best practice’ examples.

In 2014, the Textiles Club – a lunchtime group for students sharing an interest in textiles and design with a focus on charity-based projects. In 2014, the club took on the project of “Softies for Mirabel” – for an annual handmade toy drive. The students packaged up their own unique softies which were part of a donation sent to the ‘Mirabel Foundation’ at Christmas.

(The ‘Mirabel Foundation’ was established in 1988 to assist children who have been orphaned or abandoned due to illicit drug use and are now in the care of extended family/kinship care. ‘Mirabel’ supports children aged between 0-17 years and works at restoring a child’s sense of worth. 2014 was the 8th annual Softies for ‘Mirabel Foundation’).

In 2014, the TAS faculty, supported by the P&C, were able to purchase six advanced computer sewing machines and one embroidery sewing machine, enabling year 10 KHS Textiles and Design students to experiment with design as the touch of an icon.

In 2014, the Industrial Technology Multimedia course covered gaming, clay animation, 3D animation and short films incorporating footage, special effects, and 3D modelling. Three year 12 KHS Industrial Technology students were finalists in the University of Wollongong’s year 12 Industrial Technology Awards of NSW. The same students also received nominations for the 2015 Intech Exhibition Major Projects along with three other KHS classmates.

In 2014, while attending the ANZAC Day ceremony, senior KHS Prefects that attended the  Roseville Memorial Club’s dawn service, presented a book commemorating the First World War.

In 2014, all junior and senior KHS debating teams participated in the Premier’s Debating Challenge. Also, a team of five KHS debating students made it through to the zone finals after a series of convincing wins in their zone.

In 2014, the local final of the ‘Plain English-Speaking Competition’, which was open to students between 15-18 years, saw two KHS students representing the school – one in year 11 and one in year 10. The year 10 KHS student progressed to the Public Speaking Regional Finals, held at the Arts Unit at Lewisham. A second competition was the Legacy Junior Public Speaking Competition, where a year 7 KHS student and a year 10 KHS student spoke at the Local Final. For both of these students, it was their first high school public speaking competition. Finally, two year 10 KHS students participated in the United Nations Voice of Youth Competition. This competition aims to see participants propose solutions to pressing global issues, lobby for their consideration, and defend their validity.

In 2014, two KHS families embarked on the challenge of climbing Mr Everest in Nepal to raise awareness of and funding for the Pallister-Killian Syndrome (PKS) Foundation of Australia. PKS is a rare chromosomal disorder that affects three hundred cases worldwide, of which only ten had been diagnoses in Australia. A mother of two KHS students – one in year 8 and one in year 10 – as well and parents of a year 10 KHS student and a year 6 student from a local primary student, travelled to Nepal for over eighteen days to raise the funds. They also hoped to support a local boy from Killara with PKS, who attended a school for children with special needs. Starting at 2300 metres, they climbers were to travel up to 5360 metres. The families were hoping to raise $1500 for the PKS Foundation of Australia. A facebook page called ‘Climb for a Cause’ was set up to assist with donations.


In 2015, year 9 KHS history students conducted their own examination of digital archives to create profiles of those who served in World War One from the Ku-ring-gai area, with the completed profiles displayed on the recently acquired digital kiosk in the Lion Library.

In 2015, year 8 and 10 KHS history students competed with students from across Australia in the Australian History Competition. Many KHS students received High Distinctions, Distinctions and Certificates of Credit.

In 2015, the year 9 KHS Timber Technology class assisted at the Killara Schools Partnership (KSP) ‘connect days’. Eights KHS students volunteered to help with year 5 students from KHS’s partnered primary schools, in the making of a pencil case in the woodwork lab.

In 2015, a year 11 KHS Hospitality student represented KHS at the Regional World Skills for Hospitality Commercial Cookery, held at St Ives HS.

In 2015, year 9 and 10 KHS Industrial Technology students explored ways to apply practical Science and Mathematics within their projects. The following projects were completed:

  • Year 9: designed and built a water tower structure, waterpower rockets, rollercoasters and develop engineering drawings
  • Year 10: designed and built a hydraulic arm, and a ‘Trebuchet and Mouse trap’ powered car

In 2015, six KHS students from the Stage 6 Industrial Technology Multimedia course were nominated for the annual Intech Exhibition – an exhibition of outstanding Major Projects from HSC Industrial Technology students. The exhibition covers all Industrial Technology focus areas – timber products and furniture, automotive, electronics, graphics, metal and engineering and multimedia. Students’ folios that document the design, management, communication and production of their projects are displayed.  The six KHS students who were nominated for awards completed the following Major Projects:

  • website: short film and special effects
  • music video and special effects
  • 3D animation (two students)
  • 3D animation and live action footage
  • 2D Flash Animation

In 2015, a year 12 KHS student won the 2015 University of Wollongong’s Year 12 Industrial Technology Multimedia Award. This was the 3rd year in a row that KHS has won this major award for Industrial Technology Multimedia.

In 2015, the annual Gifted and Talented Program (GATS) for year 8 KHS students involved 21 students, who engaged with concepts and ideas associated with the virtual world over the course of term 2 and 3. This allowed the students to look at topics which ranged from influential figures in the virtual world, e-commerce, cyberspace law and the design of educational blogging sites. In term 4 students studied a broad range of subjects including the possibility of engineering water-powered cars and bioethics. The students also participated in a virtual excursion with the Space Centre in Houston to learn about the effects of minimal gravity and the living conditions of astronauts in outer space.

In 2015, the KHS Stage 6 Debating team won the Zone Debating Competition, and also demonstrated their skills in their inter-zone debates. Four year 10 KHS students made it into the State Final after wins in their Zone, Regional and Inter-Regional debates. One of the year 10 KHS students was also selected to join the regional team at the State Junior Debating Championships.

In 2015, a year 11 KHS Mathematics student participated in the Iranian Geometry Olympiad.

In 2015, as part of the ANZAC Centenary Year and KHS’s commemorations, members of the KHS SRC (2014-2015) were involved in the landscaping the ANZAC garden near A Block, and a plaque was chosen to be installed in the garden.


In 2016, the SJC (2015-2016) cooked meals for Sydney’s homeless at ‘Our Big Kitchen’.

In 2016, one third of the year 10 KHS cohort sat a careers test consisting of aptitude, personality and interest-based testing, in order for student to gain an insight into their career personality and suggested career options.

In 2016, year 10 KHS students practised resume writing and interview skills in successful Senior Weeks for the mock interviews, which took place in term 1, 2017.

In 2016, KHS was part of the NS5 Careers Expo held at St Ives HS in order for senior students to gain information and advice from a range of exhibitors including:

  • Universities
  • TAFE
  • Defence Force Recruiting
  • NIDA
  • Apprenticeship Support Australia
  • Private Colleges

There were guest speakers including The University of Technology Sydney, Macquarie University and the University Admissions Centre (UAC).

In 2016, many year 12 KHS students participated in the Industry Trends Seminar, which was aligned with recent data regarding the labour market as well as predicted trends of the future workforce.

In 2016, year 9 and 10 KHS History students learnt about Australia’s history through the eyes of a guest performer, who recreated the experience of a World War I soldier for year 9 KHS History students, and drawing on his own experiences as the son of a Vietnam veteran, to tell the stories of soldiers and their families to year 10 KHS History students.

In 2016, three year 9 KHS Science students participated in the annual ‘Aurecon Bridge Building Competition’ held at the Australian Museum. Students had ten weeks to construct an aesthetically pleasing bridge that could withstand a large load. The students competed with approximately seventy schools’ interstate. The KHS students constructed a ‘truss’ bridge which was able to withstand a load of 99.5 kgs. Feedback was given on their design by some of Australia’s leading designers.

In 2016, year 11 KHS Science students participated in a holiday workshop over three days in term 3 at Macquarie University, in order to prepare them for their final two years at school and be exposed to a day in the life of a research scientist at a university.

In 2016, KHS female students were given the opportunity to participate in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Video Conference for Pioneering Women in STEM. There were over fifty KHS female students from years 7-11 who participated in this conference. The students were able to ask questions directly to a female Professor, who was an expert in invertebrate behaviour, and also to two current Science undergraduates studying at Macquarie University.

In 2016, the Gifted and Talented Program (GATS) saw nineteen KHS students (selected from sixty student applicants) to participate in the program. The topics that were studied included:

  • cognitive psychology
  • study of the virtual world
  • characteristics of gifted students
  • the Australian legal system
  • civil law
  • cyber law
  • human rights
  • influential figures in the virtual world

In 2016, four year 9 KHS students went to a pre-election debate with politicians, held at a private school. A female KHS student was joined by four other panellists from four private schools. The politicians who attended were:

  • the Deputy Prime Minister/Minister for Agriculture and Water
  • the Deputy Leader of the Greens
  • the Shadow Minister of Education

Some of the topics that were discussed were:

  • youth employment
  • environmental issues
  • gender equality
  • Aboriginal recognition
  • American politics
  • Shakespeare
  • osteoporosis
  • debating
  • ciphers and bioethics

KHS GATS students completed a project to demonstrate their knowledge.

In 2016, VALID (Validation of Assessment for Learning and Individual Development) became mandatory for years 8 and 10. This was a diagnostic computer test that covered Stage 4 and Stage 5 Science syllabus outcomes.

In 2016, years 7-10 KHS Science students participated in an ICAS Science test. Many KHS students performed well, with eleven High Distinctions, two hundred and seventy-one Credits, and one hundred and forty Merits awarded.

In 2016, all year 7 KHS students went on a science excursion to Taronga Zoo. The excursion was based around the topic, ‘Classification and Adaptations’.

In 2016, two KHS Mathematics students were selected as part of a team of six students to represent Australia at the 57th International Mathematical Olympiad in Hong Kong for ten days in July. One of these students was awarded a Silver Medal and was equal first in Australia with a ranking of 114/602 students. The other student was awarded a Bronze Medal with a work ranking of 169. These two KHS students participated in numerous training camps in preparation. The P&C Association also supported the students.

In 2016, KHS Mathematics students participated in the ‘Computational and Algorithmic Thinking (CAT) Competition’. This competition introduces students to algorithmic thinking without the need for programming skills. One KHS year 9 female student was awarded a High Distinction, while twelve KHS students from year 8-11 were awarded Distinctions.

In 2016, five KHS students participated in the annual Australian Informatics Olympiad – a nation computer programming competition. Students were required to write short computer programs to solve three problems that range in difficulty. The aim of this competition was not to test computer literacy or knowledge, but problem solving through programming skills.

In 2016, a team of KHS Mathematics students were invited to participate in the Zero Robotics Competition – a competition where the robots are SPHERES (Synchronised Position Hold Engage and Reorient Experimental Satellites) inside the International Space Station. The competition started online, where teams program the SPHERES to solve an annual challenge. After several phases of virtual competition in a simulation environment that mimics the real SPHERES, finalists were selected. An astronaut conducted the Championship Competition in microgravity with a live broadcast. The competition was sponsored by Sydney University.


In 2017, year 9 KHS photography students visited the Australian Centre of Photography, the National Art School and Sydney Harbour. They took photos of the historical art school as well as using time lapse photography techniques around the harbour.

In 2017, two KHS students – one in year 8 and one in year 10 – received the highest scores in their age groups in the Australian History Competition.

In 2017, a guest speaker from the ‘Thank You’ organisation spoke to KHS Business Studies and Commerce students about the importance of corporate social responsibility and how to make a difference to eradicate poverty in less developed nations.

In 2017, VALID (Validation of Assessment for Learning and Individual Development) testing was mandatory for year 8 and 10. An online diagnostic online computer test covering stage 4 and 5 Science syllabus outcomes, students are presented with stimulus material and asked to answer questions. Individual feedback is provided to students, so they are able to gauge their strengths and weaknesses and see improvements from years 8-10.

In 2017, the PDHPE faculty purchased a class set of heart rate monitors, courtesy of a P&C grant, allowing students to explore the effects of exercise on cardiovascular fitness.

In 2017, Stage 5 Industrial Technology Engineering students explored the ways to apply practical science and mathematics to projects. The following projects were undertaken:

  • Year 9: design and build a water tower structure, water powered rockets, wind turbines and develop engineering drawings, water bottle rockets
  • Year 10: design and build a hydraulic arm, trebuchet and an infrared robot

In 2017, Stage 5 Industrial Technology students produced the following items in the timber workshop at KHS:

  • Year 9: geometric puzzles, wooden kitchen utensils, ‘carry all’ tool caddies and marquetry boxes
  • Year 10: wooden stool, hall table and drawer cabinet

In 2017, year 11 KHS Industrial Technology students attended the Sydney Wood Show. They also produced the following items:

  • jewellery boxes
  • TV units
  • a ‘mini’ major project of their own choosing

In 2017, all KHS year 7 students commenced using their own laptop as part of the ‘Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)’ program. The ‘Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)’ learning hub website was also introduced to provide training and support for the KHS community. 

In 2017, a year 10 KHS student successfully qualified for the NSW Public Speaking semi-finals at the University of Sydney, after winning the North Shore District round.

In 2017, year 10 and 11 KHS students took part in the annual MUNA (Model United Nations Assembly). Taking place at a pubic school over a weekend, it is a recreation of the UN General Assembly where votes are taken on different issues regarding both the United Nations and specific human rights issues.

Each student within the group was allocated two out of the six resolution topics and examined why their country does or doesn’t support the resolution. A nation may also wish to amend the resolution and subsequently voting would take place. The two nations that KHS students represented were the USA and the Republic of Iraq. Preparation by KHS students took place at school on a weekly basis. This activity was sponsored by Lindfield and Ku-ring-gay Rotary clubs.

Issues considered were:

  • the increase in refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs)
  • the peaceful exploration of space
  • global warming
  • terrorism
  • trade routes
  • social media and diplomacy


In 2018, the KHS HSC English students were the last cohort to engage with the Area of Study for the concept of ‘Discovery’.

In 2018, year 9 KHS English students hosted a ‘Presenting Perspectives’ evening for the Killara community, using rhetorical devices to persuade the audience on the opinions of topics they had chosen.

In 2018, year 8 KHS history students, who participated in the ‘History Mastermind Competition’ were placed 2nd in the year 8 cohort.

In 2018, year 9 KHS history students travelled to the Australian War Memorial to explore the digital archives in order to analyse primary sources on local women and men who were involved in World War One.

In 2018, year 10 KHS history students wrote essays on a turning point in history for the National History Challenge. Topics included the following:

  • the Chinese revolution
  • the impact of supersonic air travel
  • the introduction of contraception
  • the tent embassy
  • the progression of democracy

In 2018, year 10 KHS history students participated in a History Competition and attained merit, credit, distinction and high distinction certificates.

In 2018, year 9 KHS Commerce students organised a Commerce Market Day. One hundred and twenty students set up forty stalls with eight hundred customers at lunchtime. The students ran successful businesses, and their profits were donated to the ‘Buy-a-Bale’ initiative to support farmers with drought relief.

In 2018, the Lion Library underwent a major refurbishment. The library is now complete with collaborative learning spaces, study spaces, flexible shelving and furniture and charging ports for students and staff.  

In 2018, during Book Week, a visiting children’s author spoke to approximately 120 KHS students in the Lion Library about the writing process and becoming an author. The KHS Jazz band played during lunchtime in the library, and the author signed books for students and staff and answered many questions.

In 2018, a ‘Girls in Science’ workshop ran for year 5 girls from five local KSP schools. The girls learnt about Inquiry Based Learning experiments and activities.

In at the beginning of 2018, after the annual Science Olympiad examinations, a year 11 female KHS Science student (from 2017) was selected to attend the Australian Summer Camp for Earth and Environmental Science in Canberra. She was then selected as first reserve to attend the 12th International Earth Science Olympiad in Thailand.

In 2018, year 10 KHS Food Technology students participated in ‘food blogging’. The students also designed and made ‘Special Occasion’ cakes.

In 2018, the KHS Engineering students set off rockets with the University of Sydney Rocketry outreach team who came to KHS to go through the fundamental ideas on rockets. The outreach team spoke briefly on the larger rockets that could be built, as well as the projects that USYD have worked on.

In 2018, the year 12 KHS Community and Family Studies (CAFS) students learnt about research methodology, conducting their own Individual Research Project on a topic of interest. Some of the following topics included:

  • the impact of divorce
  • how does music impact mental health
  • is beauty and body image influenced by media?
  • religious stereotypes – how do they impact wellbeing?
  • how does the use of smart phones affect the social well-being of people?

In 2018, KHS was represented by a team of four year 10 KHS students in the International Mathematics Challenge.

In 2018, a year 8 female KHS Mathematics student who was a prize winner in the Australian Mathematics Competition, was also recognised as a top achiever in the Australasia region, and was to be awarded a medal at Government House.

In 2018, KHS continued the Peer Tutoring program in the Lion Library for one hour after school, on two afternoons per week. The types of issues that KHS students as peer tutors covered in these sessions were:

  • homework support
  • any particular issues that students as ‘tutees’ may be struggling with in the subjects
  • cross-curriculum support e.g. writing, reading and numeracy

KHS also had the assistance at times of some of the Macquarie University Teacher Education Students, whilst doing their practicum at KHS.


In 2019, as part of their study on Human Wellbeing, year 10 KHS Geography students focused on the issue of homelessness and a number of community issues that have evolved to deal with this issues. An excursion included the following activities:

  • a presentation by ‘The Big Issue’ – the self-funding newspaper sold by homeless people
  • ‘Threads for life’ – provider of new clothing for homeless or marginalised people
  • ‘Our Big Kitchen’ – provision of meals for the homeless

In 2019, senior KHS Economics students attended an address from a Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia on the dilemmas of monetary policy. This had been expanded in 2019, with addresses also focusing on Women in Economics and various careers options for those contemplating studying Economics at University.

In 2019, year 7 and 8 KHS English students dressed in costume, built props, used gesture and voice to turn their classrooms into mini Globe Theatres.

In 2019, the KHS Careers teachers hosted a panel of industry representatives to present to KHS students in year 10. The purpose of this event was for students to gain insight to the panel’s career journeys and recognise the value of their work in the Apollo subject.

In 2019, the Lion Library introduced an Instagram page, keeping staff and students informed of regular events, displays and competitions – all aimed at promoting literature and encouraging reading. 

In 2019, the Boys’ Open football team had its most successful year to date. A squad consisting of players from years 10-12 were joint Sydney North Champions, and progressed to the final sixteen of the CHS ‘Puma Cup’. Here, they narrowly missed out on the state semi-finals, finishing equal 3rd in the state.

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