EAL/D Student Support

Approximately 50% of students at Killara High School are students from language backgrounds other than English (LBOTE students). this includes second generation migrants and students whose first language is not English, but who speak English as their mother tongue. However, a growing proportion of these students are students who are learning English as an additional langauge (EAL students). The entrance to school is a critical time for EAL student marked by many changes in educational expectations and practices from their home countries. A well managed transition can lead to the strong sense of belonging so important for ongoing success in high school and beyond. In accordance with the DET commitment to build ‘harmonious and productive learning communities that deliver high quality education to people form all countries and cultures’ (Ethnic Affairs Priority Statement) and in order to promote positive community relations through effective communication with parents of EAL students Killara High School offers two complementary transition programs for EAL students.

(1) The School Experience Transition SET Program and (2) The Transitionfor EAL Students TEALS Program.

These programs are designed to assist with EAL student integration and provides these students with the tools and skills to foster active participation in school life.

Please note: Participation in these EAL Transition Programs is MANDATORY.

For more information on (1) the School Experience Transition SET Program and (2) the Transition for EAL Students TEALS Program follow the hyperlinks below.

Program Coordinators:

(1) The School Experience Transition SET Program:

Jenny Newell Tel: 9498 3722

(2) The Transition for EAL Students TEALS Program:

Regine Berghofer Tel: 9498 3722 Ext: 132

Program Overview and Translations :