Careers Advisers:

Sophie Campbell, Eve Kiernan and Joseph Evans


Careers Website: Click here

Work Experience:
Due to COVID restrictions Service Learning will NOT runStudents are expected to find their OWN work experience placement and paperwork is due to the Careers Staffroom by the end of Term 3. 

Visit Killara High School’s Careers Website

Student Placement Record / Work Experience Form: Download the student placement record here (you can type into this interactive form but it requires hand signing or you can print and fill it in manually).  This form is 4 pages and must be filled in correctly. This form is due to the Careers staff room ASAP.

Instructions on how to complete the Student Placement Record:

  • Page 1 fully completed and signed by the student. 
  • Page 2 employer/host must fill this in detail especially when it states ‘description of the proposed placement in detail’.
  • Page 3 must be correctly ticked and signed by the employer/host.
  • Page 4 section 4 must be completed and signed by the student’s parent/caregiver. 

Once the form is completed it must be submitted to the Careers staffroom to be approved and signed off in section 5.

Insurance Details: Providing the paperwork is filled in correctly and the student’s placement is approved by the school, then they will be covered by the Department of Education’s insurance plan. Supply the Certificate of Currency to an employer if they want more information regarding the insurance details (Certificate of Currency)

Employer Guide: The workplace learning guide for employers must be supplied to them by the student Employer Guide.

Parent/Carer Guide: Parents and carers are expected to read the workplace learning guide for parents and carers Parents/Carer Guide.

Sample script for approaching or emailing an employer/organisation:

Here is a sample email and script you can use for approaching a suitable employer/organisation for work experience. Use this sample as a guide to create your own script or email. Sample Script

You might like to include a resume when you ask an employer for work experience. Here are some different styles of resumes you can use as a guide to create your own or visit the following website: Youth Central Website

Service Learning: All students will complete a preference form and be allocated a spot for Service Learning later this year. If a student wishes to organise their own, they must visit the Careers staffroom to seek approval and the relevant documents.  

Please email if you have any further questions.