Captains’ Message

Killara High School truly is a “great school close to home”. Although maybe not in the literal sense for all, to us, Killara High School has shaped not only our high school careers, our earlier childhood as well. We can still remember walking through the quad at night to watch our older siblings’ band performances. Killara High’s prevalent engagement with the surrounding primary schools and wider community has instilled in us the culture of the school from a young age. The frequent band performances, musicals, art shows, and sports games have always made Killara feel like home. 

At Killara, we are encouraged to look beyond the classroom and the whiteboard. We are given opportunities to develop not only as students, but as compassionate members of our community. This freedom and support allows us, as a student body, to address and respond to the world around us. We have both seen and helped launch some of these initiatives as part of the Social Justice Committee, one of the many leadership councils at the school. The engagement of the student body towards the school’s academic, social, sporting and performing outlets speaks volumes about the values and attitudes at Killara High. Whether it be through the other leadership councils, including Sports, Arts, Student Representative, and the Prefects, the various clubs from knitting to maths, or through the extensive creative arts groups, Killara students can always find a way to get involved.

The supportive, positive, and welcoming attitude of staff and students is one we are deeply honoured to represent as the School Captains of Killara High School for 2020. If you, at any time, see us around, we would love to have a chat.

Astrid Balle and Will Savage
School Captains 2020