Captains’ Message

Killara High School fosters a caring and supportive environment for students to develop and learn both inside and outside of the classroom. We are proud to have an excellent wellbeing team and strong support networks throughout the school to help students throughout their time at Killara, from settling in to the first few weeks of Year 7, to supporting students throughout the course of their HSC, as well as providing guidance for life after high school. 

To us, one of the greatest things about Killara is the opportunities. The opportunities to be leaders amongst our peers through leadership councils and to make a difference by pursuing and launching initiates that we are passionate about. The opportunity to discover a new passion through the myriad of extracurricular activities available including sporting and performing arts ensembles. The opportunity to challenge ourselves academically through clubs and programs both inside and outside the classroom. The opportunity to get involved within the larger community including engagement in various inter-school competitions. These opportunities allow us to build a strong sense of community that is deeply rooted in our school culture. With so many extra-curricular activities, there is something for everyone.

When you join Killara, you are joining not only a school, but a community who supports each other and welcomes diversity and growth.

We are honoured as your School Captains for 2021 to welcome you to our community and our “great school close to home”. We hope to see you around the school and would love to have a chat at any time.

Jasmine Fattah and Adam Cavenor

School Captains 2021